Thursday, 27 October 2011

My Role

My role in the film making is the camera role. I will be filmming the trailer/teaser movie and will be looking at different angels and locations of where we will be shooting.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

"The Woman In Black" Poster Analysis

In the “Women In Black” the poster is very simple but effective, With the colours it gives it a sort of creepy look and a very dull looking maybe giving it a sense of olden days towards it. The face expression on the main subjects face looks very scared with wide eyes and the pale face gives it a sense that the character is scared.
With the title of the letters are edited into a smoky sorting a effect and just above the text forms as sort of ghost smoky face which gives it a very thrilling and scary sense, hinting that its about ghosts. The question on the poster asking, “Do you believe in ghosts” gives about the genre of the movie showing that it’s a paranormal/thriller.
The shadows on the face give it a dark sort of “hidden in the shadows” look and its quite creepy. The whole of the colour of the background is grey and smoky look creating the atmosphere of the whole film.